Delcita is coming to Toronto


After she sold out in Cayman 

Andrea “Delcita” Wright

The play ‘Ex Baby Motha’, starring Delcita, Trudy Campbell Fraser, Calneth Reid, Derricka Johnson, Dreanna Williams  and Kai-Alana O’Conner, sold out in Cayman. It’s now heading to Canada.

Ex Baby Motha focuses on parental alienation and how it stunts the emotional growth and development of the left-behind children. Support Actress, Derricka Johnson states that a child cannot choose their parents but often times becomes the ball that is vigorously tossed between hands before netting a goal.

May is Child’s Month, and scriptwriter Andrea Wright dedicates ExBaby Motha to all the Jamaican children who have struggled to find happiness. The play has received rave reviews from hundreds of patrons across Jamaica and in the Grand Cayman. In fact, the vibrant cast reopened Cayman’s market by playing to hundreds of theatre fans, who turned out hours before show time to catch the premium seats.

ExBaby Motha will have you in stitches and in a few tears. Wright, a Guidance Counsellor by profession, infuses a sweet mix of psychosocial therapy and comedy in the Ex Baby Motha.

Due to overwhelming demand, Brampton now has an additional showtime of 5:30 pm on June 30th. Tickets are at your favourite ticket outlets or online at

There will be five (5) stagings  of Ex Baby Motha just for you.