Diedre Newman runs for mayor of Whitby

Deidre Newman

Diedre Newman, a lawyer from the Caribbean community, is one of three candidates running for mayor of Whitby in this month’s municipal elections.

Newman whose parents are from the Caribbean – her mother was born in Jamaica and her father in Guyana – is currently a councillor in Whitby.

Asked what led her to seek the office of mayor, Newman told The Caribbean Camera that she “has been inspired with public service by her father, Des Newman, a former mayor of Whitby.

“He served as mayor from 1965 to 1975.”

“And I love Whitby.”

“I have had deep and long associations with Whitby. I care for the people of our community and our future,” she added.

Newman pointed out that Whitby is facing significant residential growth and “I think it’s an important time to diversify the tax base and create more local jobs.”

She also noted that “the town is also becoming increasingly multicultural and the Caribbean or West Indian community is certainly present and welcomed.”

“I have devoted my life to my family law practice and community involvement, including volunteer leadership for charitable organizations and the church,” she told The Caribbean Camera.

Newman is also a marathon runner.

“I have run 15 marathons, including the Boston Marathon.”

The two other mayoral candidates in Whitby are Evan Griffith and Elizabeth Roy.

LJI Reporter