Discover Belize’s ancient Maya heritage at Falling Leaves Lodge

Nestled on a leafy hill overlooking San Ignacio, Belize, lies Cahal Pech, an ancient Maya site with a history spanning over 3,000 years. This collection of pyramid and mound structures offers a glimpse into Belize’s rich past, showcasing Maya construction dating back to around 600 BC.

Cahal Pech The Mayan history here begins in the middle of the first millennium BC

Walking through Cahal Pech, you’ll traverse ancient rocks and pottery fragments, gaining a profound sense of the empire’s lasting impact. What sets Cahal Pech apart is its proximity to Falling Leaves Lodge, a unique 15-room eco-hotel that allows guests to immerse themselves in this archaeological wonder.

At Falling Leaves Lodge, you’re not merely next to Cahal Pech – you’re a part of it. The hotel’s outer wall borders the sprawling 22-acre site, and some rooms are even built atop ancient mounds. This intimate connection to the ancient ruins creates a profound sense of history and connection to the past.

Bungalow at Falling Leaves Lodge

Surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife, Falling Leaves Lodge offers a tranquil escape. The hotel’s mix of rooms and bungalows, set under the canopy of towering trees, provides a peaceful retreat. A pool, set to open later this year, will further enhance the guest experience.

Beyond its natural beauty, Falling Leaves Lodge serves as an ideal base for exploring San Ignacio and its surroundings. The town, located two hours from Belize City, offers access to a range of attractions, from historical sites to waterfalls and rivers. The hotel’s on-site restaurant, Obsidian, serves authentic Maya dishes, adding to the local experience.

As night falls, the starlit view of San Ignacio from the lodge is breathtaking. This blend of history, nature, and local charm makes Falling Leaves Lodge a truly exceptional destination in Belize.