Discover why Guyana is your ultimate adventure

Air travel has long been a catalyst for opening up new destinations, and in the Caribbean, Guyana, once considered the “underdog,” has garnered significant attention thanks to its thriving economy fueled by oil reserves. Today, direct flights to Guyana rival those of many other popular Caribbean tourist spots, with international carriers such as American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Surinam Airways, and JetBlue making regular arrivals.

The Surama Cultural Group

Though the ground infrastructure is still in development, numerous operators offer customizable itineraries for visitors. Here are some notable places and experiences to explore:

Undoubtedly the crown jewel of Guyana’s attractions, Kaieteur Falls is the world’s largest single-drop waterfall, retaining its pristine, untouched beauty. Nestled within one of South America’s earliest national parks, the falls are surrounded by dense jungle and are best accessed via a 55-minute light aircraft flight from the capital city, Georgetown.

A cock-of-the-rock bird

The aerial approach to Kaieteur is breathtaking, as the Potaro River dramatically cascades into a deep chasm, creating a shimmering silver ribbon against the landscape. On the ground, a trail leads through rocky terrain and lush vegetation to the waterfall’s edge, where swirling swallows and colorful cock-of-the-rocks add to the enchantment. Keep an eye out for golden frogs nestled in bromeliads, along with other indigenous wildlife.

As the gateway to Guyana, Georgetown exudes a Caribbean ambiance with a touch of Latin flair. Immerse yourself in the local way of life through its vibrant culinary scene, with guided tours of the bustling market led by Chef Delven Adams. After selecting fresh ingredients, indulge in flavorful, fried dishes prepared on the spot at his Backyard Cafe.

Rum aficionados will delight in sampling El Dorado, a local specialty crafted in vintage copper stills and renowned for its multiple international accolades. Visit the Demerara Distillery just outside of town for tastings in the atmospheric Barrel Bar.

Despite being a city, Georgetown seamlessly integrates nature into its urban landscape. The Georgetown Botanical Gardens boast over 100 bird species, while Guyana National Park offers the unique opportunity to hand-feed manatees.

In the heart of the jungle, Guyana’s indigenous communities are dedicated to preserving the environment, spurred by increased awareness of climate change facilitated by internet access in public squares.

Rewa Eco-Lodge stands as a testament to their conservation efforts, offering guests a chance to encounter wildlife at the convergence of the Rewa and Rupununi Rivers. A thrilling motorboat ride unveils families of giant otters, while sports fishermen flock to catch the elusive arapaima, a once-endangered species now protected through Rewa’s initiatives.

Guests can stay in thatched huts, awakened by the echoing calls of howler monkeys at dawn. Nearby, jungle trails lead to encounters with the Goliath bird eater spider and panoramic views atop Awarmie Mountain.

Exploring indigenous cultures is a highlight of Guyana, facilitated by the widespread use of English. The Surama Cultural Group, based at the Surama Eco Lodge, offers captivating dances and demonstrations within a village originally built as a film set to showcase Makushi culture.

Participate in traditional activities such as cassava preparation and sample local delicacies around a communal fire, while absorbing captivating stories and legends passed down through generations.