Discover Suriname for the time of your life

Women collecting Amazon forest seeds

Sandwiched between French Guiana and Guyana, Suriname is home to almost impenetrable forests, a melting pot of cultures and untold adventures.

While many are still grounded because of traffic restrictions put in place to stymie the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe in the power of a good plan.

Here we’ve compiled a list of fun things you can do if ever you visit the island.

Climb the Voltzberg Mountain

 Ready to test your fitness? You can climb the picturesque mountain located on the Voltzberg Nature Reserve. This peak is 240 metres high and is best climbed at sunrise. The climb usually takes approximately four hours but there’s a lot to see including a wide array of birds and monkeys.

Visit the Brownsberg Nature Park

Rain-forest frog

On any given day, a wide array of monkeys can be seen (and heard) in Brownsberg Park. Of the many jungles in Suriname, this one offers arguably the best opportunity for visitors to interact with its primate inhabitants.

This tourist attraction is a favourite of nature lovers as its home to over 1500 types of plants and 400 species of birds. While there you can also visit one of the four waterfalls or hike to Marazoni Top for a panoramic view of the jungle and lakes in the area.

Visit plantations in Commewijne

Named after the vast, mud-coloured river it sits upon, Commewijne’s colonial houses keep its history alive. The abandoned wooden buildings are what’s left of what used to be vast plantations. Visitors have the opportunity to learn snippets of the history of the sugar plantations and cocoa and coffee factories that once existed there. History buffs often visit the museum of Marienburg for a deeper and clearer understanding of what transpired on the old plantations.

Next, head to the exact spot where the Commewijne and Suriname rivers converge, where you’ll find Fort Nieuw Amsterdam. This polygon-shaped fortress played a significant role in the past as it was built to protect the crop fields from attack. Just a bit of time spent wandering its grounds will transport you back to the tumultuous 19th century.

Visit the Maroon Museum


Suriname is a melting pot of cultures, if ever you find yourself there be sure to take a guided tour through the Marron Museum. Though housed on a sprawling property, the museum is small but it offers a lot of insight into the local culture, marriage customs and is an important resource to learn about Maroon culture.

Go canoeing through the Brokopondo Reservoir

The Brokopondo Reservoir is an impressive water surface with hundreds of little islands (former mountain tops) that are surrounded by many dead treetops in clear greenish water. This area offers a unique opportunity to enjoy flora and fauna.

Redi Doti

This small village is home to approximately 100 people who still traditionally rely on hunting, fishing and agriculture for sustenance and to carve out their livelihoods. The residents of this compact village are friendly and openly welcome visitors to the area.

Warappakreek and Plantation Bakkie

The exciting day trip Warappakreek and plantation Bakkie takes you along old plantation grounds, through beautiful mangrove areas to the rugged coast of Suriname. It’s a varied trip full of history and unspoiled nature; a must for every history, bird and nature lover who is on holiday in Suriname. You will be delivered a fantastic day full of information, delicious food – prepared with local products – and an impressive boat trip through the Warappa Creek through tunnels of mangroves to the wild coast of Suriname.