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by Yolanda T. Marshall

Yougeeta Hansraj

Yougeeta Hansraj has recently released her debut book, “Her Thoughts Her Words: Torn, Healing, Growing and Believing,” a collection of poems that explores the journey of healing after experiencing heartbreak. The author, who is of Guyanese and Trinidadian descent, expresses that her book is a personal reflection of her thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and hopes to convey to the reader that the process of healing can be tumultuous. As she states, “healing can be a rollercoaster of emotions.” Let’s hear more from Yougeeta Hansraj.

Her Thoughts Her Words

What inspired you to share your words with the world? Your book is a true testament to your journey.

I chose to share my thoughts and words with the world as part of my healing journey.  With that said I wanted to release the book in hopes of inspiring and letting others know that it’s okay to be feeling the way they do after a breakup as healing will take you up and down paths of emotions. However, at the end of a dark tunnel, there is light.

How do you feel about being a published author, and can readers expect more from you in the future?

To be honest, I am nervous as this project is very personal and not knowing how it will be received makes me nervous.  On the other hand, I am proud and happy that I have accomplished something that I had set out to do.  Regarding the future, I am still writing, so yes there will be another book. 

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Ordinary Notes

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Ajay’s Dreams

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Please visit the author’s website to purchase a copy and learn more- www. pageswithajay.com

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