Diversity coach touts respect, harmony

By Gerald V. Paul

Janet Naidu
Janet Naidu

Eyesers, does your vision for inclusion communicate the totality of diversity? And given the recent CBC revisit to their diversity training and enforcement, this is a timely look at the subject matter.

Meanwhile, as you ponder this food for thought, here’s an expert with years in the private sector with some illumination.

Welcome to a HR Diversity Solutions. We make a positive contribution to diversity, equity and inclusion. In this time of social change, leaders recognize that the feel good strategy does not work and want to benefit from meaningful dialogue and commitment to progressive change,” Janet Naidu, BA, CPCC, founder and president of HR Diversity Solutions, told Eyes.

Naidu, pursuing an LLB, will be speaking at a conference on Women in Leadership in the Legal Profession.

She held the position of manager, diversity management and ombudsman at the LCBO for over 20 years, responsible for policies and program, development in diversity, equity and inclusion and overseeing the office of harassment and discrimination prevention. And she is a certified investigator of workplace issues and delivers training on conflict resolution strategies.

Naidu quoted Sir Winston Churchill who once stated: “If I could gain an ounce of knowledge that has been passed on by others for centuries, then I feel I could not only quench my thirst for some of it but also pass it on to others, whether in my professional work or in my personal life.”

She cited diversity and coaching for leaders at all levels. “It’s your purpose and meaning. You connect with people regularly from all walks of life. As a leader, your perception and credibility is what it’s all about.

It’s about desiring more of yourself and even more of your team for their well-being and to flourish. The optimism factor is only one small part of the equation. You want to reinvigorate your inner drive and deepen your power to maximize human potential.”

Naidu, a speaker, facilitator, career and life coach, said it’s about fostering respect and harmony in the workplace. “Various dimensions of diversity come to mind, such as age, ability, race, colour, gender and sexual identity, thinking style, family status, cultural diversity, education and other identities.”

She noted the policies and training programs include harassment, discrimination and violence prevention, such as complaint assessments and investigations. Then there are human rights, harassment and threats where there is the need for mediation and conflict resolution.

Naidu said it’s about valuing and fostering diversity, equity and inclusion.

Strengthening cultural competencies, levering team relations and exploring and minimizing unintentional biases, that’s the way for a successful business relationship, according to Naidu.

Our products and services are custom designed to meet your environment, keeping in mind important factors such as confidentiality, neutrality, sensitivity to issues.”

She said every individual will explore their most influential vocation – their purpose and meaning – while navigating a greater understanding of issues, values and resolution strategies.

Every individual will discover cultural competencies for their personal and professional contribution and achievements,” Naidu said.

Does Naidu ever relax? Yes. The published poet created the Pakaraima Association to serve as a forum for writers to come together for support. They hosted their annual literary dinner this fall and invited readers to share their works, as well.

On hand were Professor Emeritus Frank Birbalsingh, who presented his new book on cricket, while Dr. Ramabai Espinet read her poetry.

Who knows, Naidu, may very well put together a book on poems of diversity. Time will tell, methinks.

Naidu can be reached at 647-708-5834.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul