Dixie 407 Park in Brampton is now Emancipation Park

Mayor Patrick Brown,Councillor Charmaine Williams and activist Gwyneth Chapman are joined by members of the community for the opening

The City  of Brampton is committed to work towards the elimination of  anti-Black  racism by providing all residents with the tools they need to succeed.”

So said Brampton’s Mayor Patrick Brown yesterday at the renaming of a park in the city – Dixie  407 Park – which is now called Emancipation Park.

Located south of Highway 407, Dixie 407 Park was constructed by the City of Brampton in 2004. It includes a number of minor and major soccer pitches and cricket grounds. The park is partly owned by the City with the balance being leased from Infrastructure Ontario.

“It is my honour to be here today as part of Emancipation Month to recognize the abolition of slavery in Canada and to honour our history with this new park renaming,” Brown said..

He noted that  ” around the world we are witnessing a historic moment in time where people of all backgrounds are uniting to confront anti-Black racism.

” Here in Brampton, this park renaming is a powerful statement that we are committed to celebrating Brampton’s diversity and that we stand shoulder to shoulder with Brampton’s black community. ” Brown  said.

He also pointed out that last June,  Brampton  City Council approved  its  Black African Caribbean Social, Cultural, Economic, Empowerment Anti-Black Racism Unit.

Mayor Brown explained the Unit is  tasked with ”  developing an  action plan  to  eradicate systemic anti-Black racism in Brampton.”


n  thanked  community activist Gwyneth Chapman for taking on the responsibility ” tro lead tbe Unit.”

Last October  City Councillor Charmaine Williams had introduced  a motion calling for the renaming of  Dixie  407 Park.

Speaking at  the  renaming ceremony yesterday, Williams who was born in England to Jamaican parent, said Emancipation Park is ” an acknowledgement of our history, freedom and the contributions that the Black African Caribbean community have made to the City of Brampton

“.It is a statement that says, ‘ We see you, you’re valued and respected,’We are all now woven into the fabric of our city’s history,”