Dominica elects Sylvanie Burton as first female president


Mrs. Sylvanie Burton

The Commonwealth of Dominica has just achieved a significant historical milestone with the election of Mrs. Sylvanie Burton as the country’s first female President. This groundbreaking moment unfolded amid celebrations, underscoring the significance of her appointment.

Mrs. Sylvanie Burton secured her place as the Commonwealth of Dominica’s first female President with a resounding vote of twenty in favor and five against during the Fifth Meeting of the First Session of the Eleventh Parliament.

The election marked a momentous occasion, as it not only elevated a woman to the highest office in the country but also provided the Kalinago people with an unprecedented opportunity to be represented at the highest level of government.

Honorable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit urged everyone to focus on the positive aspects of this historic moment, emphasizing the need for unity and resilience, especially among the young generation facing challenges. He celebrated the achievement of Burton as a symbol of progress and equality.

Sylvanie Burton, a senior public official since 2014 and the former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernization, Kalinago Upliftment, and Constituency Empowerment, brings extensive experience to her new role.

In her speech, Burton recounted her educational and professional journey, emphasizing the role of her Kalinago community in nurturing her development. Burton attributed her destiny to divine guidance and encouraged others to develop a relationship with the Divine Master to navigate their paths.

The Kalinago, formerly known as Caribs, are an indigenous people of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. At the time of Spanish contact, the Kalinago were one of the dominant groups in the Caribbean (the name of which is derived from “Carib”, as the Kalinago were once called). They lived throughout north-eastern South America, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, the Windward Islands, Dominica, and possibly the southern Leeward Islands.