Doug Ford: Continuing brother Rob’s work

By Gerald V. Paul

Doug Ford
Doug Ford

Mala Singh, respected community leader and entrepreneur, proudly posted on her Facebook page photos of herself and Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford in a ‘He’s number one’ scene.

And on election day, Oct. 27, says Ford: “Toronto has a clear choice to continue moving forward or moving backward.”

According to Singh, in 2010, Rob and Doug Ford made history. Four years later we can say the Fords kept their word and put you – the taxpayer – first every step of the way, she says. She noted that the Ford administration got things done by working with city councilors and other levels of government to deliver real results for residents.

But Singh is not alone with the Caribbean connection – there are newspaper publisher Bhaskar Sharma and optician Don Gomes, MS (Medal of Service).

Gomes told The Camera on Monday, “I voted for Doug Ford for mayor of Toronto. And by the way, I will be off to Georgetown, Guyana, where 30 councilors shall decide in my favour to be their next mayor of Georgetown.”

Gomes said Rob Ford derailed the gravy train by ending the out-of-control spending at City Hall – reducing annual spending growth “by 98%”.

He added, “Ford has the charisma, fortitude and forward thinking as a leader to get things done. His style is perfect for this city. Ford is the delight of the immigrant communities.”

“I support having our valued police officers involved in our communities. Working directly with youth,” Ford said.

Ford, who sees citizens as taxpayers, stressed, “We need our tax dollars to unleash growth, not prevent it. The Taxpayers First Plan will help make life easier for Toronto businesses and residents. By running a more efficient city government, we will continue lowering the tax burden on the middle class, while creating jobs and stimulating economic development.”

And so Ford’s mantra is the commitment to “keeping your taxes” low, keeping Toronto moving and keeping Toronto accountable and competitive. “I, Doug Ford, am committed to finishing what Rob and I started together. Our plan is to continue to get things done for Toronto taxpayers.”

His plan is to keep taxes low:

• Keeping property taxes below the rate of inflation. Brother Rob, he says, kept property taxes low and reduced the average annual property tax increase to 1.5%.

• Phasing out the Land Transfer Tax.

• Continuing to fight against wasteful spending and new taxes at City Hall.

• Opposing the implementation of road tolls and other costly transit taxes.

Ford says he is committed to helping his community where he can and however he can. As a councilor, Ford donated his salary to a number of worthy charitable causes. He supports community initiatives in the Greater Toronto Area, including the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal, where he’s a volunteer, and the Good Shepherd Ministries.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul