Durham Caribbean Festival celebrates 13th anniversary

Lorraine Delsol
Claude Thompson and Andrea “Delcita” Wright

The Durham Caribbean Festival took place last Sunday, June 25, 2023, at the Pickering Casino Resort. This year marked the festival’s 13th anniversary and it’s first time it was held at the brand-new Pickering Casino. The event was open to the public and admission was free.

The festival was presented by Heritage Canada, JN Money & JN Bank Group. It featured renowned celebrity Chef Selwyn Richards, who delighted attendees with his culinary creations. Additionally, the festival showcased the E.P.I.C Carnival and Freedom Mas bands from Toronto Carnival, adding vibrant and energetic performances to the event.

A variety of attractions were available for visitors to enjoy. The Chow Box, a popular vendor, offered a range of Chows, including mango, watermelon, and pineapple, providing a delicious taste of Caribbean flavors. Notable community lawyer Anthony Benjamin was present, offering his expertise and services. Attendees also had the opportunity to explore makeup and skincare products tailored to Black people, further enhancing the festival experience.

Sonia Courtney from the Chow Box

In addition to the diverse range of offerings, the event encompassed the essence of the Caribbean community through its sights and sounds. Attendees were treated to captivating Caribbean entertainment, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere throughout the event.