Durham Community Action Group focuses on issues of racism

Durham Community Action Group event

On May 6th, the Durham Community Action Group (DCAG) and their Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) successfully hosted their Spring Forum, focusing on the theme of “Disrupting Anti-Black Racism and Hate.” This event aimed to address ongoing issues of racism and hatred in Durham Region’s education and policing, particularly concerning Black, Indigenous, and other vulnerable communities. The forum featured presentations by Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS), who shared valuable information with the attendees.

Open to individuals under the age of 30 who were interested in fostering improvements and safety in Durham Region, the forum attracted a significant number of participants despite the sunny distractions outside. The primary goal was to gain insights from youth regarding their personal experiences with anti-Black and other forms of racism and hatred within the education system or when interacting with local law enforcement. While progress was made in generating meaningful dialogue, it was recognized that more work is required to effect substantial change.

Throughout the event, the voices of youth took center stage, reflecting their integral role in driving this initiative forward. DCAG, in collaboration with the provincial government of Ontario and other partners, intends to encourage informed youth leadership in combatting racism and promoting a safe community in Durham Region.

It is worth noting that the forum concluded on a positive note, as the Youth Advisory Committee for DCAG was presented with an award of appreciation by the Honourable Mark Holland’s Office, underscoring the significance and impact of their efforts.

The Spring Forum served as an important platform for engaging youth, fostering dialogue, and creating awareness about the persistence of anti-Black racism and hate. By involving relevant stakeholders, such as the Durham Regional Police Services and the Ontario government, DCAG demonstrated its commitment to collaborative problem-solving and creating a safer environment for the youth in Durham Region. Through ongoing initiatives, it is hoped that meaningful change will be achieved and that the voices of the younger generation will continue to shape the future.