Durham group gathers to discuss “Disrupting Anti-Black racism and hate”

Durham group

The Voluntary Board of Directors of the Durham Community Action Group (DCAG) and the members of their Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) held their first in a series of forums. The gathering was called “In Their Own Voices: Disrupting Anti-Black Racism and Hate”. It was held at the Durham Region Municipal Buildings in Whitby on February 25th. Despite a snowstorm and extreme cold it was well attended. Support for the event and the entire project was primarily the current Ontario Provincial Government. The Regional Municipality of Durham and other local agencies helped greatly as well. The day began with an Indigenous Land Acknowledgement and an acknowledgement of the contributions of African Canadians.

The purpose of the event was mainly to gain understanding and information from youth about their experiences with Anti-Black and other types of racism and hate in the education system or while receiving services from local police.


The purpose of this series of forums, is not to direct blame but to listen with candor to youth, have them discuss their issues, and let them have a say about what they think about achieving change and improvements.