Earl La Pierre Jr. launches PANcast


Ever heard of a PANcast?

Earl La Pierre Jr.

It’s really a podcast of pan music, according to Toronto pannist Earl La Pierre Jr. of Toronto  who has recently launched his first PANcast.

“The PANcast is the new wave. It unites ‘feel good’ genres and the soothing sounds of steelpan. It’s a sweet rhythmic explosion,” says a news release  from Kerra Daniel Entertainment in announcing the launch of La Pierre Jr.’s first PANcast.

The release describes La Pierre Jr. as an innovator and cultural ambassador “who strives to promote his culture and create new ways for steelpan music evolve.

It says  his diversity in music “make it more relatable to both younger and older generations.

“He has always been known for giving a different flavour to the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago.”

DJ Kevin is on the PANcast.

Listen at https://soundcloud.com/panmanonduty