Easter reading to lift you up

By Yolanda T. Marshall

Many are celebrating the season of rebirth. Christians worldwide celebrated Easter as a reminder of God’s love – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” Bible (John 3:16). Some of you indulged in delicious spice buns and cheese, fried fish, or hot cross buns. Along with egg hunts and bunny ear costumes, I witnessed kids flying kites, a tradition to some, representing Jesus‘ ascension into

Keneisha Walters

heaven. However you chose to spend the Easter long weekend, I pray it was blessed, safe and included good books. Recently, I had the privilege of connecting with a unique Christian author.

Keneisha Walters is a Jamaican Canadian author of the debut children’s book, “But Mommy, Where is God?” This book was delightfully written by the author and vividly illustrated by Nilanjan Ghosh. Walters is known to be present on CIUT 89.5FM Sunday morning show, The Gospel Music Machine. Keneisha Walters was inspired to write this book after having authentic childhood conversations with her two-year-old son, Jachym Kaj.

Inspired by childhood conversations with the author’s son Jachym Kaj, this heartwarming bedtime read tells of a toddler’s curiosity about God. Since the age of two years old, Jachym has been questioning the existence of God. After sitting through a Sunday service and hearing the minister’s sermon about God, he showed determination in his refusal to leave the church sanctuary that day until he saw God. On another night during bedtime, he again became adamant that he wanted to see God and know where God was. This book tells how his mother answered his many questions to reassure him that God’s love is everywhere.” – Keja Publishing, 2021.


Walters, who plans to continue educating young readers and publishing inspirational faith-based children’s titles, states that she answered many of her son’s questions “to reassure him that God’s love is unconditional and universal. It [this book] captures children’s imagination of the beauty of God’s creation around them.”

But Mommy Where is God

‘But Mommy, Where is God?’ includes a precious bedtime rhyming prayer for children: –

Dear God,

I thank you today.

For holding my hands and guiding my way.

As I settle into bed, I give my thanks for my daily bread.

Thank you for the stars tonight,

to shine on me till morning light.

Thank you for the land and sea,

And for being here right beside me.


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Radical Witness: A Revolution in Christian Ministry

Radical Witness: A Revolution in Christian Ministry

Written by Sam Tita, an author, Bible teacher, philanthropist, and CEO of the ENRICH family of companies headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

“One of the most prolific hindrances to participating in Jesus’ ministry here on earth is the fallacious idea that a Believer needs additional qualifications beyond what God already gave them. In contemporary Christianity, it seems that anyone who does ministry with the same simplicity Jesus did is radical. Most people are more interested to know which university one graduated from, how long one has been a Christian leader and one’s denominational affiliation and accreditation. “While our socio-religious context is different from that of 1st Century Israel, the fact remains that it is the power of God that heals, raises the dead, and breaks bondages, not MBAs and PhDs.” – Sam Tita.


In this revolutionary book, prolific author and bible teacher Sam Tita delivers the third instalment of his PREvail Trilogy with boldness and clarity. This book will change your view of ministry and push you to fulfil God’s call on your life.

The effectiveness of Jesus’ ministry was unprecedented, yet the Pharisees called Him a radical. In Radical Witness, you will learn to do ministry as Jesus did. But brace yourself— your church friends may stop taking your phone calls because they think you’ve changed!” – iiNFLUENCE Publishing, 2022.


Hot Cross Buns for Everyone

Hot Cross Buns for Everyon 

Written by Yolanda T. Marshall (me) and stunningly illustrated by Daria Lavrova.

Hot Cross Buns For Everyone! Jackson’s friends and their families bake assorted hot cross buns for his Easter party. Liam’s foster parents use his most memorable Scottish ingredient, and Dimitri’s dad adds Greek mahlepi spice. Some have rainbow colours for all to see and a sweet Jamaican bun and cheese recipe! One by one, the children arrive with hot cross buns for everyone.” – Chalkboard Publishing, 2022.