Eating ourselves into an early grave

By Mansa B. K. Musa

Mansa B. K. Musa

I kept postponing writing this informative article about the seven major factors that many governments, large pharmaceuticals, and most people are unwilling to speak about – what is causing pandemic deaths, especially in the Black communities worldwide.

After consulting with my ancestors, they provided me with the necessary information to write this article. Gone are the days when we could blame or should place those deaths at the doors of the big pharmaceuticals or the various governments. 

These seven factors that I am about to discuss here usually help compromise our immune system, and cause not only black people but many others to get severely sick and die in large numbers. We have to also consider that getting a vaccine would not prevent anyone from not dying from any virus.

Many of us are systemically compromising our immune system, and are quick to blame others. Those conspiracy theorists living among us genuinely believe that the so-called “New World Order” is in charge of the pandemic and are the ones who wish to control our daily lives.

It is easier to blame others than take full responsibility for what we constantly eat or drink every day. Based on the fear of short supplies of essential products, all those who wish to stockpile food, water, and other necessary emergency products for the coming weeks or months should also consider the type of items they are purchasing.

Many of those foodstuffs are in tin cans and need fire to cook them in an emergency. Generators to provide light, heat, and to cook any meals need gasoline and may cause deadly poisoning in enclosed settings. One can only safely stockpile a certain quantity of products as space would allow.

So, we are all back to square one, what we will consume daily to prolong our lives and our loved ones. We have to stop fantasizing about the day when most of the largest corporations or pharmaceuticals worldwide would look after their financial benefits and also take care of the people they depend on the most to generate huge profits.

If most world governments were to seriously start promoting these seven significant factors that compromise people’s immune system, chances are they would quickly lose all or most of their political power.

When one listens to the news in all media, one notices that just about all of the world’s leaders prefer to speak about their citizens getting vaccinated than speaking about them taking better care of their immune system.

They hold daily news conferences to speak about where citizens could get a vaccination and how many others may have died because they didn’t or refused to get one. However, even after getting the vaccination, what is causing so many of their citizens to die is never discussed.

The same could be said about the large corporations, as they all have plans to increase their insane year-end profit margins. Unfortunately, many consumers continue to help them generate those massive results by stockpiling their products.

There seems to be no government brave enough or willing to take on the “Giant Food Conglomerates” and still stay in power after their next election. With the fear of their deep financial pockets and slick advertising and lobbying abilities, it is easier to play along and stay in power than try to stop them from controlling the food supplies they feed to the masses worldwide.

Many people fail to understand that we are in total control of what we eat and drink, and no one is forcing us to consume the “Junk Food” sold by large grocery chains, pharmacies, and restaurants. No one is willing to speak out about the food we consume daily and the dire effects on our bodies.

If any government or society wants to take complete control of the a pandemic and prevent it from spreading or destroying its people now or in the future, they must control the food and drinks they allow their citizens to consume daily.

These seven factors usually compromise our immune system, which in turn causes many people to suffer, get sick, and die prematurely: poor eating and drinking habits: obesity; lack of exercise; stress and depression; lack of sleep; lack of sunlight; and lack of fresh air.

I will be dealing with the first three factors in my next article.

ELD. Mansa B. K. Musa

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