Ever wonder how your attitude towards cleaning measures up? Now you can find out.

Food for thought.
BabyCenter.com, in partnership with Clorox, conducted a nation-wide online survey polling moms and their attitudes towards wellness, disinfecting, and cleaning.
Here are the highlights of what we learned. Take a look — other moms might be more like you than you think!
Most respondents reported being more concerned about germs since having children or getting pregnant.
The toilet was the area of most concern regarding germs, followed closely by the kitchen counter and sink.
Items that go into children’s mouths by design – pacifiers and cups/plates/bottles – were the moms’ area of greatest concern regarding their children’s potential exposure to germs.
Less than half of the respondents agreed they “cannot clean the house as well” since having children or getting pregnant and just over 1/3 agreed they spend more time cleaning since having children or getting pregnant.
While only a quarter agreed that keeping children’s clothes clean will help prevent illness, respondents were still concerned about killing germs in the laundry – only a fifth agreed that they don’t worry about killing germs.
Half of the respondents reported that they always wash their youngest child’s laundry separately from their own.
75% of the respondents used bleach on their children’s laundry to improve the clothes appearance, while 50% did so to kill germs.