Ex-councillor wants limited terms

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Garnett Manning
Garnett Manning

Former Brampton city councillor and 2010 Brampton mayoral candidate Garnett Manning decided against running for the mayoral post this year, preferring to run as a regional councillor for Wards 3 & 4.

If elected, he wants to see a limit to the terms of councillors and mayors and plans to move that motion on the first day of council. He hopes to get a feasibility study, engage the people as well as the provincial government.

“I have no problem to champion a move across the nation. I believe two to three terms, maximum three. I think after you have served and do wonderful work, it’s time to move on.”

Youth – those under the age of 24 – comprise 30% of Brampton’s population. “We’re the youngest city, as a matter of fact. We have a 37 age median and so we need to focus on them and really believe that they are our future,” Manning says.

The wards also have the highest concentration of seniors.

“We have to begin to understand that as a population grows older, cities have to adjust how they build to make it senior-friendly but at the same time, look out for the health and welfare of our seniors,” he told The Camera.

To that end, he wants clearer sidewalks, more speed bumps on streets and faster snow removal where seniors live.
Manning noted the Region of Peel deals with human services so there are issues such as waiting lists for subsidized housing which is a huge problem.

Poverty is also a major issue in Peel where one out of seven people in the region live below the poverty level, a problem he wants to see addressed.