Ex-Green Party man Singh seeks Grit nod

George Singh
George Singh

George B. (Knia) Singh, a prominent son of Caribbean heritage, has joined the throng seeking the Liberal nomination for the provincial riding of Scarborough-Rouge River.

Singh joins six others seeking the nod for the June 5 byelection, caused by the resignation of Bas Balkissoon.

Born in Toronto to parents of Guyanese and Bremudian heritage, Singh has been involved in CARIBANA and with racial profiling and carding and is a law school success story.

Meanwhile, the NDP will hold their Scarborough-River nomination meeting to pick their candidate on May 26.

Singh told The Camera, “I am proud and excited to announce my decision to seek the Liberal nomination as the Ontario Liberal Party candidate.” The Osgood Hall Law School grad and recipient of the 2016 Dean’s Gold Key Award previously launched a Charter challenge to police carding.

Singh said carding is a human rights concern for all, “I want to ensure youth are treated fairly and share with them that anything is possible when you are disciplined, focused and believing in what you are doing.

“I can be a powerful voice for our community at Queen’s Park.”

A former Green Party candidate at the federal and provincial levels, Singh praised veteran Liberal stalwart Dr. Alvin Curling, an icon in the riding.

Voters in the riding have not been told what caused former MPP Balkissoon’s sudden departure from Queen’s Park. Singh said, “We need someone who understands the needs of our community, how to work effectively with government and who has a fresh new perspective.”

Singh’s website for his nomination is www.georgesingh.ca.