Express entry program launches Jan. 1

By Gerald V. Paul

Chris Alexander Photo CTV News
Chris Alexander
Photo CTV News

In one month Express Entry launches a new phase of active immigration recruitment to meet economic and labour market needs, says Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.

With the change, potential candidates can create their profile starting Jan. 1 with the first invitations to apply issued within weeks.

“We will be able to select the top economic immigrants who will contribute to our economy, labour market and communities,” Alexander said on Monday.

Express Entry is designed to help select immigrants based on their skills and experience. Those with valid job offers or provincial/territorial nominations will be picked first.

Details published in the Canada Gazette explain how candidates will be ranked and selected, based on three factors that research suggests are linked to economic success.

These criteria will help ensure newcomers participate more fully in Canada’s economy and integrate more quickly into society, the government says.

Alexander noted information is available on the Citizenship and Immigration website to help potential immigrants and employers understand the new system and to promote Canada as a destination of choice, including job opportunities.

Express Entry will result in faster processing and will allow the government to be more flexible and respond better to Canada’s changing labour market needs, Ottawa says.

The program will manage applications for three federal economic immigration programs – the Federal Skilled Worker program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

In addition, provinces and territories will be able to use the Express Entry system to select a portion of candidates for their Provincial Nominee Programs.

Once candidates are selected from the pool they must complete the immigration process including health and security checks. Applications will be processed in six months or less, Ottawa says.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul