FACE has disbursed over $25 million in last two years

Louis Edgar Jean-Francois, CEO Group 3737, MP Ahmed Hussen, Tamara Thermitus, Gervan Fearon, President George Brown College and Tiffany Callender

The Federation of African Canadian Economics “FACE”, an organization dedicated to the development and prosperity of Black Canadian entrepreneurs, is celebrating its second anniversary, marking the culmination of an incredible journey filled with growth, resilience, and unwavering commitment.

“Since our launch, we have been supporting entrepreneurs in our community by providing them with the necessary means and access to capital essential for their success. Beyond the strong impact we have had since our creation, we have managed to amplify the voice of our community while laying the foundation for the creation of wealth for future generations and the realization of their freedoms,” said CEO Tiffany Callender.

Several notable milestones have been reached over the past two years. Indeed, thanks to the dedication of a pan-Canadian and dedicated team, FACE has disbursed over $25 million in loans, supporting entrepreneurs on the path to success.

Through strategic partnerships, various initiatives, and programs, all while taking into account the needs on the ground, FACE has become an indispensable organization in the financial and community ecosystem. Rooted in the reality of Black entrepreneurs, the organization has also contributed to bringing their ambitions and concerns to the forefront of decision-making at both the political and economic levels.

Moreover, FACE has managed to increase its operational capabilities during the same period in order to meet the high demand and thus, increase the number of loans disbursed in 2023 to 180 businesses.

“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve over the past two years. Beyond facilitating access to valuable capital for our community, we have greatly contributed to the improvement of entrepreneurial literacy, equipping our entrepreneurs with essential knowledge for their growth and the attainment of their ambitions,” said FACE President Louis-Edgar Jean-François.

The Federation of African Canadian Economics is a coalition of Black-led organizations dedicated to stimulating economic growth and creating generational wealth for Canadians of African Descent. In 2020 FACE was created to address the needs of Black business owners and entrepreneurs who were economically devastated during the pandemic.