Fantazia Carnival ready for the road

By Stephen Weir, photographs by Don Moreland

For the youngsters who play mas’ with Fantazia Carnival, the natural elements aren’t hurricanes and volcanoes; they are gentle breezes, friendly sunsets and warm blue water.  On the weekend the  band held a launch party for the revellers who will be taking part in the July 21 Junior Carnival Parade in Malvern,  Scarborough.

Will Morton, driving force behind Fantazia, has long been known for the uniqueness and beauty of its costumes.  This year he has chosen the Elements, as the inspiration for the costumes that will be worn on the road at both the Junior Parade or  the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Grand Parade (for adults) on August 4.

For the adults, the costumes based on ice, fire, wind and water, are sexy with more  feathers than fabric.  With the kids it’s different – both modest and comfortable.  What made this year’s costumes stand out are the colours and patterns of the cloth, the angel wings and the feathers.

There were three sections  onstage at the late Saturday afternoon show.The children modeling for the Elements of Mineral section wore red-violet shorts and tops, brightly coloured metallic belts and necklaces and headgear made with two shades of dyed violet feathers.

Elements of Time used green and lime coloured tops and shorts that cover both the chest and lower body. Elements of Magic, the third section, displayed psychedelic coloured shorts and tops, headbands and feathers.

The junior Carnival Parade will be held on the road near Malvern and Neilson Parks in Scarborough.  The parade kicks off at 11 a.m. with Fantazia being the fourth of eleven bands scheduled to go out on the road.

The Elements Kiddies launch was held inside Fantazia’s show room and production area. The camp is located at 3895 McNicoll in Scarborough.