Feds issue warning to dual citizens on terror

By Gerald V. Paul

Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander

“Canadian citizenship can now also be revoked from dual citizens for taking up arms against Canada and the Canadian Armed Forces, whether as a member of a foreign army or in non-state terrorist groups like ISIS,” Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced on Monday.

The measures came into force officially June 1 to enable Canada to revoke citizenship from dual nationals convicted of terrorism, treason or high treason and / or spying for foreign governments.

“Our government knows that there is no higher purpose for any government than to ensure the safety and security of its citizens and we have never been afraid to call jihadi terrorism exactly as what it is,” Alexander said.

“That is why we are taking steps to confront the ever evolving threat of jihadi terrorism by revoking citizenship of dual nationals who have been convicted of heinous crimes against Canada such as terrorism, espionage for foreign governments, or taking up arms against Canada and our brave men and women in the Canadian Armed Forces.”

He said changes to the Citizenship Act will ensure on one can exploit their Canadian citizenship to endanger Canadians.

Alexander also said that as of Monday, a more streamlined citizenship revocation process is in place.

That will help ensure Canadians are protected, he said, adding that revocation decisions can be made quickly, decisively and fairly.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officials will implement the new measures immediately and  prioritize cases that have been tried and convicted in Canada on at least one of the crimes listed above.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul