Few answers yet in Lecent’s death

By Gerald V. Paul

Lecent Ross
Lecent Ross

A week after she was shot and killed, there remain more questions than answers in the death of 14-year-old Lecent Ross.

Ross was killed last Thursday in daytime while visiting a 10-year-old friend in a townhouse near her home on James Crescent, Rexdale.

The bullet came from an illegal, semiautomatic handgun – a.40 calibre Smith & Weston. Who fired the pistol remains a mystery, Toronto Police say.

Det. Rich Petrie of 23 Division Criminal Investigation Bureau would not confirm whether her wound was self-inflected or who owned the gun.

What members of the community do know is that the street Lecent lived on, the one she was shot on, was the site of another shooting in May, one that killed the father of one of her best friends and has seen at least four shooting deaths in the past three years.

One of Ross’s friends, Trevor Seraphine, was shot and killed in March just to the south on the edge of Rexdale. She posted then on her Facebook page “Got these n…..s walking around, like they some shooters.” And “My best friend is my best friend, you f… w/her you f…. with me you f… with us… dumb a.. betta start praying.”

Last Sunday, Pastor Allan Bowen of Abundant Life Assembly issued his lamentation and condemnation: “Enough is enough,” adding that “I’ve been involved in 58 situations of serious wounding or murder by guns.”

He said he has seen people murdered who have nothing to do with the criminal side of the neighbourhood.

Neighbours and family described Ross as a studious girl who had just graduated from Greenholm Junior Middle School with A’s and was excited to head to high school in Mississauga in the fall.

Gerald V. Paul
Gerald V. Paul