Finals set for Large Steel Orchestras for T & T Panorama 2019


Toronto people at Panorama in Port of Spain

Renegades Steel Orchestra with champion arranger Duvone Stewart continue their dominance in the large band category of the 2019 Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama competition, after the semi finals ended. They took the stage complete with the singer of their tune of choice Darryl “Farmer Nappy,” Henry, his “wife,” and garbage bags – into which some of ‘his’ clothes made their way, to complete the skit accompanying the theme of their popular selection Hookin’ Meh.

Nine large steel orchestras will go up against Renegades (title defenders) on Saturday March 2 at the Queen’s Park Savannah. As in the semi-finals, the medium bands will precede the large in the finals.

Renegades has the lead going in to the finals

Invaders Steel Orchestra working along with long-time arranger Arddin Herbert opened up the large band segment of the semi-finals, the first of fourteen; they also played ‘Hookin’ Meh.’ Desperadoes Steel Orchestra which last won in 2016 received a standing ovation when they completed their presentation now in second place. Nailah Blackman danced on stage with the band as they delivered her 2019 signature smash, ‘Iron Love.’  Steelband music aficionados showed their love throughout for bands such as Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra when they were announced the band serving up Nadia Batson’s ‘So Long.’

Exodus with Super Blue waving the flag

The lone representative from Tobago: Buccooneers Steel Orchestra—was the fourteenth and final large band on stage and did not make it as one of the ten finalists.

This was history in the making, as arranger Duvone Stewart holds on to the top spot in the three categories – Small, Medium, and here in the Large – heading into final competition.

Following are the full results for the semi finals phase of competition for Large conventional steel orchestras. The top ten move on to the finals.

Trinidad All Stars

Renegades, Desperados, Invaders, Phase 11 Pan Groove, Skiffle,  Trinidad All Stars, Silver Stars, Supernovas, Exodus, Tropical Angel Harps, popular bands like Birdsong, Starlift, Fonclair and Buccooneers did not make it to the finals