FMC announces ‘a new look’ for Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2019

By Lincoln DePradine

Richard de Lima

The organization that has been overseeing Toronto’s Caribbean carnival for more than a dozen years, has made” a slight change” to its name, although retaining the acronym “FMC’’.

The Festival Management Committee is now officially the Festival Management Corporation, ” after years of operating under a temporary title,’’ Chief Executive  Officer Richard de Lima announced in an FMC newsletter.

And, according to de Lima, “profound and significant’’ changes are underway at the FMC and they will positively impact this year’s Toronto Caribbean Carnival (TCC).

“They will lead to much change in the way we do business; in the way in which we communicate; in the way in which we treat our fellow stakeholders; in the way in which we behave. These changes are all very necessary and justified if we are to meet and exceed the expectations of our key stakeholders,’’ he said.

“The 2019 edition of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival, in its 52nd year, will feature a new look, a new feel, and entirely new experiences for its line-up of events. These enhancements will support the planned growth in the number of patrons drawn from the City, the Province and beyond,’’ de Lima added.

He  noted  that “the 2019 TCC, with Exhibition Place as its core venue and center of major activity, will be heavily promoted as the Carnival Village, located in the Carnival City – a concept supporting the progressive development of the festival.

” Key deliverables include construction of performance facilities, an outdoor stage, seating to accommodate patrons with disabilities and their helpers, VIPs and the general public.’’

Meanwhile, FMC is receiving entries in its search for the 2019 male and female TCC ambassadors. The winners, whose images are used in TCC promotional material, are also referred to as the “Face of the Festival’’.

Candidates must meet several criteria including possessing “public speaking abilities’’ and must have “great knowledge of the Caribbean culture’’.

“The final choice of one male and one female will be selected after interviews by a panel of judges on camera,’’ FMC said. “As ambassadors, the ‘Face of the Festival’ will be educated by the FMC to represent the TCC at official events and appearances.’’