Follow your heart to St. Kitts

Come on down. From left, Brad Richards, Carolyn James, Racquel Brown, the new St. Kitts Tourism Authority CEO, and John Allen want everyone to visit St. Kitts, an “authentic” destination.
By Gerald V. Paul

Newly minted chief executive officer of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority Racquel Brown came to Toronto to sing the praises of their beautiful St. Kitts with: “Follow your heart. Explore the undiscovered Caribbean.”

Brown, a geologist by training who holds an MBA, told The Camera at the elegant Sangri-La Hotel, “Just follow your heart. It’s the easy way to get there, thanks to Air Canada Vacations.

When there, ride the Caribbean’s only passenger train, sweetly called, the Sugar Train.

St. Kitts
St. Kitts

Ah! As for this writer from Canada, it was a breeze with a charming presence of the precious people, scenic natural landscape, sandy beaches, rich history and a vibrant island culture.

She stressed that as they continue to develop a premier Caribbean destination based on authenticity, “We will ensure our visitors have the best experience while in St. Kitts. They not only speak to our star developments such as Kittitian Hill and Park Hyatt Developments but also to our front-line tourism service

providers through ongoing training, so that they are able to provide outstanding services, to give our visitors the best possible experience which is St. Kitts.”

Brown brings to bear 17 years of experience in the Caribbean tourism industry, from the public to the private sector. She served in destination branding, customer management and sustainable tourism.

As a young destination with eyes set to engage WestJet as part of their airlift, Brown noted there was a 3.1 increase in visitation. She praised Air Canada Vacations for their continued support.

Brown encouraged Canadians to experience, among others: Kittitian Hill, a unique way to enjoy a beautiful place in harmony with the people and the land, Belle Mont Farm, a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel is a place where time seems to slow down as you relax, and there is the New Horizon of Investment Opportunities coupled with a trusted citizenship by investment program, Caribelle Batik, a historic Romney Manor is the place to see and be seen, the Botanical Gardens, Natik Studio and Unique Shop.

Small wonder an enthused St. Kitts and Nevis Tourism Minister Ricky Skerritt said: “I look forward to the addition of the new CEO and our leadership team, to strengthen our tourism policies for promoting stakeholder partnership and people empowerment, and for the design and implementation of various initiatives in product development and strategic marketing.”