Foodie review of Trinbago Festival at Dundas Square

By Henrietta Akit

Rhoma Spencer of Sweethand Delights and Henrietta Akit

It was the best of times, far from the worst of times, it was to be or not to be, it was for real Trinbago food, the true kaiso, calypso, soca music, tassa drummers, the big lime. Three words, amazing, yummy and full of delights. Sweethand Delights stand out for sure with their geera pork, curry corn and dumplings. Some of the dishes that jumped out and waved a flag was the geera pork, the amazing oxtail poutine, the roti, pelau, corn soup, doubles, rum cake and bake an’ saltfish. I felt the warmth of the true hot tropical sunshine blazing on all the dishes, snacks and goodies. 

I went to check out the performers, there were many like Macomere Fifi, David Rudder, Nadia Batson, and lots more. There were many food trucks. I loved the food truck with the menu with the rum cake waffle and fried chicken. All the food was delicious and super tasty. 

I tried a few things like the fresh homemade currants roll, a slice of rum cake, and corn soup with herbs like bandannia and thyme. I bought from Sweethand Delights their beautiful and amazing geera chicken, curry corn and dumplings. I even bought the amazing oxtail poutine with crispy French fries and oxtails with a cilantro garnish, it was all so good that I felt I was sitting on a beach in Tobago soaking up some sunshine. I feel inspired to be a chef.

Rum Cake waffle and fried chicken
Curry corn and chicken

I enjoyed the lime and met people from Point Fortin and POS. I could only think of Chef Roger Mooking and wonder what he was cooking in his studio. I was inspired by all the chefs at the festival. I went home and cooked stir fry bird pepper shrimps in my wok.

I did not want to wake up from my favourite beach dream, more food next year please, and Farmer Nappy, we love you too.