Foreign worker programme fixed — PM

Stephen Harper

By Gerald V. Paul


Prime Minister Stephen Harper revealed that the foreign worker programme is being fixed.

“We have been very clear we need to do a better job of matching the demand for EI and the demand for temporary workers , that’s precisely what the government has been doing for a year, while the NDP was demanding more temporary foreign workers for their ridings,” Harper said earlier this week.

In the House of Commons on Tuesday, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair accused Harper of denying that they were problems with the temporary foreign worker programme until changes were already announced last week.

But the government noted exactly the opposite is true. The government indicated for some time that it would be reforming the temporary foreign worker programme.

In April it was revealed that the Royal Bank of Canada contracted an external supplier to provide IT assistance, which resulted in the bank outsourcing some Canadian jobs. Questions were raised about how the supplier brought its own employees into Canada under the temporary foreign worker programme so they could be trained at RBC branches.