Forged from the love of liberty

Forged from the love of liberty

Dr. Vidhya Gyan Gota-Maharaj (fourth from left) consul-general for Trinidad and Tobago, hosted Emancipation Day celebrations in Toronto.

Photo by Gerald V. Paul
By Gerald V. Paul

It was an Emancipation Day to remember as members of the Trinidad and Tobago community joined brothers and sisters from the wider Caribbean community to celebrate freedom with a call for reparation.

It was an informative and entertaining  time of the spoken word, Emancipationmusic, dance and breaking bread – or was that soul food/ground provision with king fish, etc? Delicious!

Joan Pierre served as the master of ceremonies gracefully guiding the informative evening last week via African drumming with an enlightenment from Ian Jones on The Power and Significance of the Drum in Emancipation. The event was hosted by Consul-General Dr. Vidhya Gyan Gota-Maharaj at the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate in Toronto.

And Ken Jeffers, former chair of Caribana, shared his thoughts on the Significance of Commemorating Emancipation Day in Toronto.

Henry Gomez, an educator and cultural proponent, took the opportunity to weave a precious fabric of the variation on a theme: Brief History of Emancipation Day in Trinidad and Tobago.

He led the audience in a melodious sing-a-long with the pertinent Portrait of Trinidad by the Mighty Sniper, with the chorus:

“Because my people are daily making progress
Without any form of stupidness
And in this way we must gain success
For when we movin’, we all move as one body
No bickering between you and me
For our policy stands for racial equality.”