Former T&T footballer Shaka Hislop supports ‘Youth Against Racism’ in Europe


Shaka Hislop

Former Trinidad and Tobago footballer Shaka Hislop opened up about his career including representing Trinidad and Tobago at the 2006 World Cup, which he said was a dream come true.

Hislop spoke with sports media about his experiences during his wide and varied career, including tackling the issue of racism in sport.

Hislop said this spurred him to support a programme called Youth Against Racism in Europe, where he began speaking at schools about his experiences in sport.

Hislop said since then, the charity celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021 and has grown and become the largest anti-racism charity in the UK.

Hislop said he looks back on his career with a sense of fulfilment.

“Don’t forget where you’re from…to this day I find such peace in going back to Trinidad and Tobago in recognising who I represent and the pride that people feel in recognising your accomplishments.

Hislop urged young people to remember their past and remain true to their roots.

“That’s a grounding that every player needs, especially those of us from the Caribbean.”

Hislop also said he’s been guided by his father who he has always looked up to.

“My dad never stopped supporting me, encouraging me, pushing me to play at every level for Trinidad and Tobago…my dad is an incredibly principled man that has been a guide to me in so many ways.”