Four things to know about flying into Trinidad

Trinidad Piarco Airport

Travel protocols are ever-changing in this climate and so it’s pretty important to stay on your toes about what each country requires.

With many planning to either return to Trinidad and Tobago or visit for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of things that you should know and prepare for when flying into the Piarco International Airport.

Note, as at the time of this article, Trinidad and Tobago only allows vaccinated non-nationals into the country. Unvaccinated nationals will need to quarantine at their own expense at a state-supervised quarantine facility for 14 days.

 By law, Trinidad and Tobago’s government requires that you subject yourself to a PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your intended arrival. 

Only those presenting a negative test will be allowed into the country.

Armed with your negative result, you’ll need to apply for the TT Travel Pass. 

Before you begin, you’ll need to ensure you have digital versions of your COVID-19 test, proof of vaccination (if vaccinated) and access to an email address.

At the outset, you’ll need to verify your email address with the one-time password. Then, you’ll go on to fill out all requisite details on the form.

Please ensure that the information you provide is accurate. A $350,000 fine and possible imprisonment awaits if you defy the instructions.

Note that filling out and receiving a travel pass doesn’t guarantee you entry. This is still up to the government and airport officials.

Officials at the airport will accept digital versions of your PCR test and travel pass, but they’re also willing to use hard copies. Either way, please secure these two documents as you’ll need them quite frequently.

If you’re flying with Caribbean Airlines, attendants at the airport check-in counter will want to see your passport, TT Travel Pass, PCR test and vaccination card (if vaccinated).

You’ll receive a small chit which will be lodged in your passport indicating that you’ve completed your pre-check.

Please note that each international airport has their own regulations. Travellers are encouraged to comply with all instructions given.

At the gate, your details will be checked a final time before you board the plane.

After you land, you’ll be ushered into an area where you’ll form two lines. One for vaccinated people and another for unvaccinated people.

There will be four booths before the immigration counters where agents will verify your PCR test, TT Travel Pass and passport.

Unvaccinated people are separated in order to sort out their state-supervised quarantine arrangements.

All passengers will then go through immigration.

Duty free and other usual amenities are available. Baggage claim and the final immigration check are also quite straightforward.

Visit the TT Travel Pass Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on Trinidad and Tobago’s current regulations.