Four-year old ‘map master’ knows all the countries of the world

Isiah McDonald

So you think you know all the countries  of the world?

Well, where is Vanuatu ? Or  the Malvinas?

Okay. So you had to scratch your head and think awhile  before answering.

Well, meet four-year old Isiah McDonald, a geography whiz kid who isn’t stumped for an answer when asked about  any country.

He can instantly point out any country from any continent on the map.

Isaiah  who has been dubbed the ” Canadian map master,” was recently a guest  on Canada’s Best Kids. where he was able to show off his knowledge of geography to the amazement of the host of the show.

The program  in which Isaiah  appears will be aired on  CBC-TV next month.

Isaiah who was born of Jamaican and Canadian parents, is  home-schooled.

His mother, Alisia Dowen, told the Caribbean Camera that her son’s love for geography ”  all started when he asked where one of his favourtie aunts lived. She  lived in Jamaica and when he was shown where Jamaica was on the map, it seemed as if his passionate love for geography was unlocked.”

When asked which country in the world he would like to visit, Isaiah said ” Mexico because it’s hot-hot-hot, has nice beaches, nice people and nice buildings.”

His toughest geography questions? ” The names of all the rainforests.”

Isaiah, whose hobbies include playing soccer and violin, is thinking of a career as a police officer.

But for now he just likes to study the globe and he’s anxious to start  learning the capitals of the various countries  and finding out about their flags.