Gary Gunter takes the helm at the New G98.7 FM

Gary Gunter

If you tuned in to G98.7 on last Monday or Tuesday, you would have been entertained by lots of music but no news or comments, just music. That’s because the station is going through the final stages of the end of the station’s Black ownership.

The final approval and completion of the sale of the station would have been completed yesterday, Wednesday 15th – the official day the station changed hands. However, it will be referred to as black radio station. A truly sad day for the black community as an important voice is no longer owned by the voice it represents.

As we reported back on June 22nd, G98.7 was sold for just over $6 million. The sale was approved by the CRTC following the application of Mr. Nettie Ray’s company which acquired the Intercity Broadcasting Network (IBN) broadcasting license (98.7).

Now all physical and intellectual property currently owned by Intercity Broadcasting Network (G98.7FM) will become the property of 2784486 Ontario Limited as the new owners.

The new owners will not retain the current IBN workforce. It is now entirely up to them to choose their employees. So as of September 15th 2021, all employee contracts with Intercity Broadcasting Network Inc will be terminated, and the workers may reapply for their jobs under the new management, and under new conditions.

Employees were told that they will be paid as soon as possible following receipt of their final invoices for services up to September 15th.

The notice came with well wishes to the workers and gratitude for their support. It was signed by station manager and director Delford Blythe and owner Marvette Powell, also a director.

We understand that the new station manager will be American Gary Gunter, a “super salesman” who started his career in 1999, at Clear Channel as the Sales Manager. He increased annual sales on advertising revenue to over $10 million. He later moved to Radio One Baltimore’s four media outlets, and became senior vice president of sales in 2019 iHeartmedia Norfolk, Virginia properties. now he brings his skills to Toronto and G98.7FM.