Giller Mantella Scholarship applications open, offering $10,000 to young Black writers

In a groundbreaking opportunity for aspiring young Black writers, the Giller Mantella Scholarship, presented by Mantella Corporation, officially opens its applications today at 8 a.m. ET. This scholarship aims to empower and support talented individuals by awarding $10,000 each to three deserving recipients, facilitating their pursuit of higher education.

Ian Williams

Eligibility Criteria for Giller Mantella Scholarship:

  • Graduating high school student
  • Identify as a Black, Indigenous, or racialized student
  • Cumulative average of 75
  • Pursuing a post-secondary degree in English, Literature, or Creative Writing

Application Requirements:

  • Letter of reference
  • Transcripts
  • A 500-word essay describing the applicant’s passion for literature

The scholarship’s launch represents a significant stride toward inclusivity and diversity within the literary world, providing a platform for underrepresented voices. Ian Williams, the 2019 Scotiabank Giller Prize Winner, expressed the transformative impact of the Giller Mantella Scholarship on the lives of racialized students nationwide, breaking down barriers that might have hindered their pursuit of a creative education.

“The Giller Mantella scholarship will transform the lives of several racialized students across Canada, who no longer have to view a creative life as an inaccessible luxury. This is what good literary citizenship looks like. This is what encouragement looks like. This is what activism looks like.” – Ian Williams

Mantella Corporation, a prominent figure in the Canadian real estate and land development sector, established the scholarship in alignment with their commitment to fostering growth and opportunity within communities. Founded in 1946, the corporation remains one of the largest privately held family-owned companies in Canada, showcasing a legacy of dedication to social responsibility.

The Giller Prize, established in 1994 by Jack Rabinovitch in memory of his late wife, Doris Giller, has been a beacon of recognition for excellence in Canadian fiction. The award, honouring both long-format and short-story works, boasts an annual cash prize of $100,000, making it the biggest literary purse in the country. Doris Giller, a respected literary journalist, passed away from cancer a year before the award’s inception.

As the Giller Mantella Scholarship opens its doors to applicants, it not only marks a celebration of literary aspirations but also emphasizes the importance of diversity and representation within the literary landscape. The scholarship is poised to inspire and uplift a new generation of Black writers, ensuring their voices are heard and their stories are shared with the world.

For young Black students with a passion for literature, this scholarship represents not just financial support but a powerful affirmation that their voices matter, their stories are valid, and the literary world is eager to welcome their unique perspectives. The Giller Mantella Scholarship, through the generosity of Mantella Corporation, continues to carve out avenues for diversity and inclusion, leaving an indelible mark on the future of Canadian literature.