Go out and vote


Ontario’s election campaign officially started this week.

The provincial legislature has been dissolved and the writs of elections have been issued.

No doubt many in our Caribbean community are ready to cast their ballots in the June 2 elections.

But there are many others, as in the past, who have taken little or no interest in federal, provincial

or municipal elections in Canada.

Some do not even know the names of the candidates in their ridings.

The common excuse for this appalling lack of interest: All politicians are the same and voting will make

no difference.

We beg to differ. All politicians are not the same and voting certainly can and will make a difference in our lives.

Can your single vote make a difference? Yes, in our first-past-the-post” system in Canada it can.

So let us listen carefully what the various parties and their candidates are saying before casting our ballots.

Already, there are several major election promises made and public opinion polls suggest that Doug Ford’s

Conservatives will be re-elected.

But let us weigh the election platforms of the various parties carefully before voting and let us give careful

consideration to the various promises made on the campaign trail..

Sadly, some in our community are not even aware that they are eligible to vote.

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older, a Canadian citizen and a resident of Ontario is eligible to vote in

the provincial elections But voters must register by having their names and address added to the voting list.

Once they are registered, the process is relatively simple.

They can show up at their polling station on election day to cast their ballots

Or vote in any “advance voting location “in their electoral district during 10 days of advance voting.

Voters also have the option to vote by mail.

So there is hardly any excuse for not voting.

We are pleased to note that, as in previous elections, several persons from the Caribbean community

are running as candidates in the June 2 elections.

We wish them success at the polls.

And to everyone from our community who is eligible to vote, we you urge to do your civic duty.

Like good Canadian citizens , go out and vote.