Go to hell, Hindu leader tells archbishop

Satnarayan ‘Sat’ Maharaj with Archbishop Joseph Harris. Trinidad and Tobago is examining its child marriage laws.
Satnarayan ‘Sat’ Maharaj with Archbishop Joseph Harris. Trinidad and Tobago is examining its child marriage laws.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Go to hell was the “message” Trinidad’s secretary general of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha (SDMS), Satnarayan ‘Sat’ Maharaj, sent publicly to Catholic Archbishop Joseph Harris in light of the controversial debate on child marriage and the law.

“Mr Archbishop and all you other people look at the mote in your own eye before you point out the mote in the eye of the Hindu,” Maharaj said.

“If I have to leave one message, the message is ‘Allyuh go to hell’. This is a business of the Hindu community and the state. If we require a change in the law, we will invite the government to speak to us and change the law.”

Maharaj was delivering the feature address last Monday at Indian Arrival Day celebrations at Parvati Girls’ Hindu College, Debe.

He supports child marriage while Harris calls it “legalized statutory rape.”

Referring to the controversial debate as a “spectacle in Trinidad in recent years”, Maharaj accused RC officials of “corrupting more young children more than anyone else.” Describing himself as an aging warrior, Maharaj charged that Catholics have the most corrupt church in the world and called for Harris to mind his own “damn” business.

“The Pope in Rome had to pay tens of millions of dollars for corrupting the children of the world” he said in reference to settlements in child molestation cases involving priests.

“And here we have a Catholic archbishop telling us how to get our girls married. Mind yuh own damn business, archbishop, mind yuh own damn business,” Maharaj repeated.

For the third time he called on the archbishop to mind his own “damn” business saying that children are having babies for old men in TT.

“Nobody locking up the ole men.”

Mt .Hope (Catholic Church) reported last year that 74 teens between age 12 and 14 were pregnant and they know who the father is. “But you have an archbishop who want to tell us how to get married, how to make children.

“Not one Hindu girl under the age of 18 has gotten married within the last two years.”

Maharaj also threw jabs at ambassadors who are in the country, accusing them too of telling Hindus at what age devotees should get married.

A person as young as 13 can marry in the U.S. American ambassador John Estrada weighed in on the child marriage debate and was reported as saying: “Let the child be a child.”

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