Going the “Jolly Way’’ in Toronto

Few Black people in Canada have had the honour of having a street named after them. However, when the moment happened on November 1 for Jamaican-born Denham Jolly, he shared it with others, recalling the important contributions made to Canada by people such as the late community activists Dudley laws and Charles Roach; former acting Toronto Mayor William Peyton Hubbard; and paying tribute to African-Americans who fled slavery in the United States and made Canada home, many becoming entrepreneurs.

“This is a community affair; it’s not just about me,’’ Jolly said at the street dedication in his name in Scarborough.

He expressed appreciation for the official unveiling of “Jolly Way’’, near the intersection of Ellesmere Road and Kennedy Road, saying he was thankful for being used “as a channel to bestow this tremendous honour not only on me but on the community, and the work the community has done, and the contributions it has made, over time’’.

Full story on the Caribbean Camera newspaper.

Denham Jolly, Michael Thompson and Tony Riviere, police superintendent in charge of 41 and 42 Divisions