Gonna get the Good Good goin’ again

The opinions in this article are mine and mine alone. Who am I? Just your average So n So.
The opinions in this article are mine and mine alone. Who am I? Just your average So n So.

Dear So n So: My boyfriend and I always had a healthy sexual relationship but recently it has slowed down. Should I be concerned? Signed, Miss Still Got The Good Good.


Thank you for your question Miss Still Got The Good Good. This one I feel may get me in trouble with both sides. No matter what I say here remember that only you will truly know your specific circumstances but I will do my best.

There are three reasons why I believe the spark may have died down. I will list them here in no particular order but will address all three. 1. Maybe the Same Ole Same Ole needs an upgrade. 2. Maybe there are other things on the mind. 3. Maybe someone else has already stepped in and handled your situation for you. Let’s start, shall we.

Sometimes people believe they’ve got the Good Good but it really may be the OK OK. That is not saying that it has expired or anything but once you get accustomed to something unfortunately it becomes the norm.

Those shoes you bought last year and wore everywhere are now in some box in the back of your closet. Yes they are still good and when you remember to shine them up, still hot but do you ever shine them?

Picture apple pie – mmmmm, apple pie. Everybody likes apple pie but even apple pie sometimes tastes better a la mode. Nothing wrong with the pie but a little change here and there can go a long way.

Not saying you should put ice cream on the Good Good (although not a bad idea), just be creative and find your own way to a la mode.

Maybe there are other things on the mind. Bills, work, other stresses have a way of affecting normal life. In this case open a dialogue and don’t pressure. Adding additional pressure to a person who is already stressed may cause them to feel bad or more stressed.

Just let them know that whatever the problem is the Good Good will be waiting for them. That kind of reassurance will not only help your physical situation but may also strengthen your relationship as a whole. Everyone needs a little patience and understanding. Give a little and you will receive a lot.

Maybe someone else has already stepped in. Unfortunately this happens far too frequently for my liking but it’s real. Some people may still love but there is a disconnect for some reason. The physical may be one thing but your whole relationship may be in jeopardy.

If you feel this is the case ask and be straight up. No time for guesswork here. Find out what you need to know and decide what your next step is. Do I stay? Do I go? Do I do the same? Do I invite?

Your tolerance will decide your next move. Take time and think and move accordingly.

Either way these situations all can be avoided with proper communication. Remember anything that you do physically starts with the mind. Make sure you guys are always on the same page and sometime out of the blue, A LA MODE!

Relationships are ever changing. Don’t be caught sticking to the Same Ole Same Ole.

Again, you may agree or disagree but this is just the opinion of your average So n So.

P.S.: Your milkshake may bring the boys to the yard but a la mode will keep them there.