Gramps Morgan Reveals Late Brother Peetah’s Rare Condition

Peetah Morgan

Reggae singer Gramps Morgan has revealed details surrounding the unexpected death of his brother, Peetah Morgan, the lead vocalist of Morgan Heritage, who passed away two months ago.

Speaking in an interview with Onstage’s Winford Williams at the Love and Harmony Cruise 2024, Gramps Morgan disclosed that Peetah Morgan succumbed to an exceptionally rare medical condition, which doctors deemed to be “one in a million.”

“There doesn’t need to be any speculations,” Gramps stated. “I mean, as the family described it and the doctor described it, he had a condition that was one in a million, and if it was one in a million that’s what caught Peetah. But the greatest thing is to know that he didn’t suffer. He wasn’t in any pain, and it was no cancer nor any crazy fatal disease.”

This marks the first time a member of the Morgan Heritage family has spoken publicly about Peetah’s passing since it was announced on February 25.

Gramps Morgan recounted the swift and unforeseen nature of Peetah’s illness, indicating that it claimed his life within a little over a month from its onset.

“We were in Jamaica in January, and in less than 30, 45 days, my brother had a transition,” Gramps shared. “So, we kind of leave that, that part is privacy for the family. People are going to speculate because of the nature of how it happened so fast, and it wasn’t a situation that was prolonged.”

Reflecting on Peetah’s musical legacy, Gramps expressed profound sorrow at the loss, highlighting Peetah’s exceptional vocal talent and the irreplaceable harmony they shared as siblings.