Green Party Leader Annamie Paul will run for an Ontario seat

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul will run for an Ontario seat

Annamie Paul

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul announced on Thursday night that she’s decided to run in an Ontario riding in the next federal election.

In the face of a possible federal election this year, political parties have begun getting campaign ready. Some are already nominating candidates.

 A confidential Green party source who was not authorized to speak publicly, said possible ridings for Paul include: Guelph, Spadina-Fort York, Parkdale High Park, Davenport, Toronto Danforth or Toronto Centre.

The party will announce a final decision at a later date.

In 2020, Paul lost an October by-election in Toronto Centre to the Liberal star candidate and former television personality Marci Ien. But Paul placed a close second and said the narrow result put the Liberals on notice.

The Greens hold three seats in the House of Commons: one in New Brunswick and two on Vancouver Island. The decision to run their leader in Ontario marks a break for the federal party that has seen its path to growing electoral success in British Columbia and the Maritimes.

“Greens are offering a positive, progressive, daring vision for Canada, and we will be running to win all across the country,” said Paul in a statement. “With this goal in mind, running in Ontario offers the perfect chance to grow the party.”

In October 2020, Paul became the first Black and Jewish woman to lead a federal party in Canada. Paul, who’s from Toronto, has spent the last four months raising issues such as the need for aggressive climate action, a guaranteed liveable income and addressing the crisis in long-term care homes in the wake of COVID-19.

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