Greg Fergus, a champion for equality-FACE

Greg Fergus

The Federation of African Canadian Economics (FACE) congratulates the Honourable Greg Fergus on his historic election as the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons. This achievement marks a significant milestone in Canada’s history, as Mr. Fergus becomes the first Black member of parliament to hold this esteemed position.

Greg Fergus has long been a trailblazer and a champion for equality and inclusivity in Canadian politics. His dedication and unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of the Black community in Canada have been truly commendable. As the former chair of the Federal Black Caucus, Mr. Fergus played an instrumental role in the inception and launch of the Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP), which has already begun to make a meaningful impact on the economic landscape of Canada.

The BEP demonstrates his vision for a more equitable and prosperous Canada. It provides vital support and opportunities for Black entrepreneurs and businesses, addressing systemic barriers and fostering an environment where innovation and economic growth can flourish within the Black community. The Black Entrepreneurship Program initiative has begun to empower Black entrepreneurs, create jobs, and stimulate economic development nationwide.

“Greg Fergus’s historic appointment as Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons is a testament to his exemplary leadership, dedication to public service, and unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. His appointment not only shatters barriers but also serves as a source of inspiration for countless individuals from diverse backgrounds, reminding us of the boundless possibilities within Canada’s democratic institutions,” declared Tiffany Callender, CEO of FACE.

As an organization committed to promoting economic empowerment and equity within the African Canadian community, FACE applauds Mr. Fergus’s remarkable achievement and looks forward to working with him in his new role. We are confident that his tenure as Speaker will continue to advance the values of diversity, inclusivity, and economic prosperity for all Canadians.

FACE is a national and bilingual, Black-led non-profit organization focused on providing resources and information to the Black community across Canada to accelerate wealth creation for Canadians of African descent.