Grenada-born photographer plans to show his pictures ‘ to the wider Canadian society’

By Lincoln DePradine

Photographer Ian Grant

For years, Grenada-born Ian Grant has travelled to various places – including the Caribbean, Brazil, Italy, Yugoslavia and Honolulu – taking photographs, which he has exhibited along with the works of other artistes.

The Toronto-based photographer has just closed his first solo exhibition that was titled, “The Journey’’. He selected 33 pieces of his work that were showcased at the Ethiopian-run Areej Art Gallery on Danforth Avenue in Toronto.

“The response of viewers, who visited the gallery, was very positive. People enjoyed the exhibition very much,’’ said Grant.

He  plans to host other solo exhibitions but wants to expose his photography to audiences beyond the Black and Caribbean community ” to the wider Canadian society.”

“Over the years I’ve put together a collection of beautiful stories that I tell through my photography. I decided, finally, to bring it out and show it in my first solo show,’’ said Grant. “My objective is to get it to mainstream; to get the viewership of mainstream community to the quality and standard of the art and the story that forms part of the artwork.’’

Grant, a self-taught photographer, has submitted some of his artwork in photography contests, winning a second prize in 2000 for “Beach Blaster” in the International Caribbean Beat Photo Competition.

He said he is considering taking “The Journey’’ on exhibition across Canada. Grant also in planning to participate in two art shows opening next month in Halton, as well as in an exhibition being arranged for the Scarborough Civic Centre.