Grenadian community in Toronto rallies to support fire victims

Last Wednesday, the Grenadian diaspora in Toronto, alongside friends of Grenada, gathered in large numbers at the Jamaican Canadian Association Centre in North York, Ontario, despite the rain, to support the of a recent devastating fire in Chantimelle, St. Patrick, Grenada.

Gerry Hopkins

The event, named “Sunday’s Diaspora Brunch,” aimed to raise funds for five affected families, totaling 17 individuals who suffered during the massive blaze. Organized under the auspices of the Consul General, Gerry Hopkin, the fundraiser was a collaboration between the Grenada Disaster Preparedness Toronto (GDPTor) and the Grenada Hospitals Assistance Fund (GHAF).

Hopkin expressed gratitude to the attendees and local businesses like Earla’s Kitchen and Grenada Rose Restaurant, among others, for their generous donations of food and beverages. The gathering was further enhanced by the music from DJs Andy, Eris, and Exterminator, which complemented the community-centered atmosphere of the event.

The Consul General also took the opportunity to encourage investment in Grenada’s productive sectors, highlighting services provided by the Grenada Investment Development Corporation (GIDC). Furthermore, he announced the formation of the Network of Grenadian Community Organizations in Canada (NOGCOIC), a new initiative aimed at enhancing cooperation among Grenadian community groups in Canada.

Funds raised will be announced following a review by a Financial Oversight Committee, which ensures transparency in accounting. The proceeds will then be managed and distributed by a committee working in conjunction with NaDMA and the Ministry of Social Development in Grenada.

The successful event not only showcased the solidarity of the Grenadian community in Canada but also set a precedent for future collaborative efforts to support both individual growth and the sustainable development of their homeland.