Grenadian teen shot in West Toronto restaurant

By Gerald V. Paul

Jarryl Hagley
Jarryl Hagley

Grenada-born Jarryl Hagley, 17, was shot  inside a take-out restaurant on Weston Road in Toronto’s west end  in the presence of friends  around  1.40 a.m. on Monday. He  died less than two hours later at hospital.

No one else was hurt in the shooting  and police are seeking the community’s help to arrest the killer

Haglely who was living with relatives in Toronto, came to Canada  more than ten years ago.

His aunt, Daisy Haggard, told The Caribbean Camera on Wednesday that she was still ”  grappling with the tragic loss. I was like a mother to him.”

She said he was “big in hugs and caring for others, I cannot believe that “BJ” (Jarryl Hagley) is gone. God took the one we loved best of all. “

Zakiya Tafari who runs Ujima House, a meeting place for   young fathers in the  Toronto’s West End,  said Hagley has been in and out of Ujima House on many occasions and participated in a  program for high school  boys about two years ago.

“He was never in trouble with the law., ”  Tafari said.

” But the sad reality is that  is that it  is easy to end up hanging with the wrong crowd , ” he added.

At press time  A GoFundMe page had  raised over $5,000  to help the family with funeral costs.

Jarryl Hagley
Jarryl Hagley