Grenadians invited to return home for 50th Independence anniversary

Gerry Hopkin in bow tie with the Grenada nationals

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Canada Chapter recently held its highly anticipated first in-person general meeting, marking a significant milestone for the party’s supporters residing in Canada. During this gathering, Honourable Dickon Mitchell, the Prime Minister of Grenada and the Political Leader of the NDC, made an important announcement, inviting all Grenadians to return to their homeland for the grand celebration of Grenada’s 50th Independence Day on February 7, 2024.

Mitchell, speaking via Zoom to the enthusiastic audience, emphasized the importance of this historic occasion. He stated that the celebration would kick off on October 31, 2023, and encouraged party members, supporters, and Chapter Executives to participate wholeheartedly.

One of the noteworthy proposals put forth by Mitchell was to establish a meaningful connection between the NDC Canada Chapter and constituencies in Grenada. He suggested that the Chapter should consider “adopting a constituency” by focusing on its specific needs and dedicating resources towards its development. This initiative could involve supporting schools or villages, thereby contributing not only to the political aspects of the organization but also to the social advancement of the nation.

Mitchell commended the NDC Canada Chapter for its unwavering support and outstanding efforts in promoting the party and its vision. He encouraged both the executive team and members to maintain their commitment to maintaining high standards and continuing their remarkable work.

The newly elected Chairman of the NDC Canada Chapter, Garner Liverpool, along with his executive team, presented a one-year plan that includes various activities such as a Christmas barrel campaign, a breakfast brunch, a casino outing, and the eagerly awaited Prime Minister’s Gala, scheduled for mid-2024.

The meeting drew a remarkable turnout, featuring the Consul General of Grenada in Toronto, Gerry Hopkin, underscoring the strong ties between Grenadians in Canada and their homeland.

For more information about the NDC Canada Chapter, you can reach them via email at As the 50th Independence Day celebrations approach, Grenadians in Canada are gearing up for a memorable homecoming and a year of festivities that promises to unite the diaspora and strengthen their bonds with Grenada.