Group seeks to empower Islands women

In their quest to connect and empower women, a group has formed Caribbean Women’s Society (CWS), a not-for-profit registered organization, founded by Camille Kerr.

If you are a successful Caribbean woman in the fields of financial planning, self-acceptance / self-confidence / self-esteem, relationships, health, fitness, career planning, stress management, adult education, etc., and ready to empower fellow Caribbean women with the knowledge, guidance and / or skills that empower you, then CWS is inviting you to join.

A few weeks ago, the organization held a fundraising event in Scarborough to showcase Caribbean culture and contributions under the theme We are Here, Accomplished and United.

The event was intended to “elevate, celebrate and educate” on distinct Islands culture and its contributions to Canada, affirm the Caribbean identity and reinforce unity, according to the organizers.

CWS’s aim is to unite, connect, empower, and invest in “all Caribbean women so they can achieve an improved quality of life; on the condition that they, in turn, will teach, motivate and enable their families, friends and their community to do the same.”

On April 10, the organization will hold their third annual Keeping It Natural Hair MeetUp! with local entrepreneurs and hair and skin care vendors, hair and body care workshops, products for sale and giveaways.

“If you’ve been wondering what to do with those gently used hair products that just didn’t work out well, bring them in for the Product Swap portion of the event,” CWS said on their Facebook page.

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