Guns, religion and a very wacky world

Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Rev. Jerry Falwell, Jr.

Congrats newly minted Secretary General of the Commonwealth Baroness Patricia Scotland – Dominica- born, London, England raised – who in 1991 became the first Black woman to be appointed a Queen’s Counsel.
As for the runner up, Sir Ron Saunders, a former radio chap who Guyana was backing, methinks the son-in-law connection to Sir Shridath Ramphall, a former Commonwealth secretary general, did not work for you.
It was Ramphall, Eyesers, who turned a blind eye to rigged elections and dictatorship under the PNC / Forbes regime and turned a blind eye to American Rev. Jim Jones and his guns in Guyana. Go figure.
Rashid Osman, the late veteran Guyana journalist and editor of a newspaper in Dominica, who escaped the Burnham regime, broke the story that Jones was a fake faith healer. But the PNC / Burnham government took US$1 million and provided Jones’s cult a haven (heaven?) in the interior – and get this – turned a blind eye as crates upon crates of guns entered Guyana, unchecked at customs.
The guns were eventually used to force the followers of Jones – his 900-strong flock – to drink poisoned Kool-Aid. Lord have mercy.
Now, is Guyana to be the backyard of ‘Christian’ America as they bring in their religion and guns, with help from the British?
Capt. Jerry, who served Guyana during the Burnham regime, is piloting a concept of flying those wishing to pay homage to the Jonestown death camp’s victims as a tourism site. How low would one go for filthy lucre?
This brings me to another reverend as the world, burns, oops, turns, the son of “Moral Majority” Rev. Jerry Falwell.
“Get Your Guns. Let’s teach them a lesson if they ever turn up here. If more people had concealed guns we can end those Muslims.” Young Rev. Jerry exhorted students at Liberty University in light of the mass killings in San Bernardino, California, and the nincompoop students replied: Amen!
It’s time for class. Bible? Check! Books? Check! AK47? Check!
But Eyes says shame. Isn’t this potential home-grown terrorism and extremism?
After starting the fire, Falwell pleaded that “I was referring to ‘those Muslims’ (San Bernardino) and there are many good moderate Muslims.”
Eyes does not carry a gun and has no intention to carry a gun. What kind of a sick mind would make such a statement and say they are a Christian while spouting hate and fear of The Other?
Will it be praise the Lord and pass the ammunition or John 3:16 “For God so loved the world.”?
“Typical Christian response, advocating more violence and putting even more guns into circulation. ISIS won’t need to attack America as America is already on the way to eating and shooting itself to death,” commented Michael Steers.
Ron Halpen noted, “Assuming that they elect to follow this asinine course of conduct, I would fully expect that they are equally prepared to target others of us who are killers: planned parenthood terrorists, cops who kill unarmed Black teenagers, and last but not least the officials of every state that allow and promote capital punishment.”
Need more, Eyesers? Let’s hear an intellectual reply from Guyana-born Prof. Bobby Gossai.
“This is an irresponsible comment / statement from an educator and especially from a religious one. Mr. Falwell, why not teach peace and tolerance so as to make the world a better place?
“What education theory impelled you to advocate that bearing of firearms will solve the world’s problems? You have a right to your emotional sentiment but not to poison the world with it because you are in a position to do so.”
Gossai added that Rev Falwell, Jr. spoke like an aggressive militant. “Change the tone, Mr. Falwell, peace always trumps evil and violence.
“High visibility of guns creates a hostile environment. If you are basing your statement on the Constitution, then you have misread it. Do not be misguided, Mr. Falwell.”