Guyana alunmi association looks to boost membership

Encouraged by the success of their annual Last Lap Lime event, a collaborative effort over the last 17 years, the alumni associations of Bishops’ High School, St.Joseph’s High School, St.Rose’s High School, St. Stanislaus College and Queen’s College (Guyanese secondary institutions) are partnering once more to collectively address the common challenge of membership growth and increased involvement by alumni. The Associations have embarked on several joint strategies to meet this challenge.


New members to the Associations will become part of the networks of friendship and personal support and join the efforts of fellow alumni in “giving back” to their alma maters, helping to make a difference in the lives of the children of Guyana.  Alumni newcomers to Canada will further benefit from interacting with professional alumni who can offer advice on settlement, the job market, employment and networking opportunities.


Over the last 20 and more years, these five Associations have made invaluable contributions to their alma maters to ensure the continuation of the high standards of excellence for which they are renowned. Many forms of assistance have been provided; e.g. educational books, computers, audio and musical equipment, classroom furniture, mentoring and personal support programs. Some of the Associations also offer scholarships and bursaries for children and grandchildren of their alumni who are undertaking post-secondary education in Canadian and similar institutions in other countries. In addition, the Associations make annual financial donations to Canadian charities.


The combined dollar value of their contributions to their alma maters since they were established total approximately 1.4 million Canadian dollars from revenue derived from fundraising activities.


The pursuit of fundraising and non-fundraising activities of the Associations helps to foster a sense of meaningful participation and a spirit of camaraderie among their alumni members.


The assistance to their alma maters and students is attributed mostly to the selfless and tireless efforts of a core group of die-hard, aging members who serve from year-to-year on the executive committees that plan and implement activities in support of this worthy cause.


Looking to the future, the Associations need more alumni to become actively involved in carrying on the work and enriching the contributions made to their alma maters.


The Associations welcome new members and invite them to visit the respective websites listed below for more information about the Associations and membership application.