Guyana Day: Plenty to celebrate

Guyana Day: Plenty to celebrate
By Gerald Paul

Kindly check out Jamaica Day, come Saturday Aug. 30, at Wild Water Kingdom and learn a thing or two on how to run de thing … trust this wannabe Jamaican.

Yes, you had the massive numbers – almost pack out de place – business was excellent and the food was delicious, especially from Jan’s Catering Service, specializing in West Indian and Canadian Cuisine.

Ah! Elvis was in the building – the Guyanese peep. Good news, a bursary will be donated to the Guyanese Education Fund. But the program was weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Anyway, Eyes met an enthused Harris’ guest, Victor Yacoob, a 2013 Guyana Independence Award recipient for Voluntary Service, and newly minted Association of Concerned Guyanese (ACG) president who revealed:

Victor Yacoob
Victor Yacoob

“The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean has projected 4.5% growth rate for Guyana -the highest prediction for the Caribbean and the eighth highest in the whole of Latin America.

“Our homeland remains deep in our hearts. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we display the Golden Arrowhead with pride and we do represent our nation with excellence in our fields of endeavor,” Yacoob said.

He said the ACG is open for membership to all Guyanese who share in its democratic values and ideals; has contributed to the international struggle for the restoration of democracy and free and fair elections in

Guyana in 1992; contributed towards political, social and economic development for 40 years and counting.

Yacoob, a veteran in the business sector and currently CEO of VCA Inc., believes “customer satisfaction” – whether the “customer” is external (a consumer, a client) or internal ( a colleague, a boss) – is an article of faith for virtually every business.”

He stressed that Guyana Day is about value for value, like a business win-win, resulting in customer satisfaction. So while the programming can be improved, the spirit, moral and financial support of the Guyana Day event will remain a success story.

He noted there is the power of “customer” dissatisfaction to contend with – ouch, Eyes, guy and others. He said Mohandas Gandhi revealed as long as a man is contented with his present lot, it is difficult to persuade him to come out of it. “In other words, it’s not easy to sell something new to a happy man!”

And Yacoob added Gandhi’s words of wisdom “We throw away the things we have only when we cease to like them.”

So before the Jamaica Day event, Eyes was invited by Harris and Yacoob to head for the lake. Say wah, Eyesers, like jump in the lake?

Close. It’s for a Night in the Tropics – Guyanese-style and profile – on the grand boat cruise aboard The River Gambler (no gambling) on Friday, boarding at 8 p.m. at Pier 29.

Yes, Eyesers, de Eyes guy bringing he Guyana flag.

One Caribbean Love!